aries welcome to your reading greets aj and you’re here in my jack channel tarot I invite you to subscribe to activate the bell for you to reach all my notifications comments remember me your name and your country ‘ to keep you in mind when I’m doing my meditations before remember that these readings start these readings do not have a time especially when they come to you is the time that you need to hear remember to share so that we to many more warriors and if you want a private consultation with me in the Description is all information how you can do it also in my social networks would be an honor for me connect you @ j 7 this tarot is the group of cards that will speak so right now it is that we will see what to say to you and to the end there is a Interactive question so I stay aries me my warrior let’s see We have started the letter of 10 bastos speaking pesos you can be having on your back these responsibilities could be moments analyzing what steps do give or could also be thinking about be asking for homework help you have your responsibilities or with your personal life also because I could sneak around then talking about a situation in your life where maybe There are many responsibilities at home which now on need to be you may not have shared a couple or perhaps you’re alone or one or caring raising your children and you need time seek some help chart the 2 of spades speaks to me of a decision some of you in these moments might have to take a decision about what to ask aid will not ask for help and when falls letter judgment are showing me here my spirit guides that maybe some of you are going to seek help at church or some person representing an entity religious or spiritual to you depending on their beliefs no matter which one it is but I They speak as you’re going to be looking Church support for the support that person spiritual support because if you have a group Metaphysical a group of Buddhism I they are talking about are going to be looking for you support those people Some of you might be having a change of heart a change religious or spiritual concept where Now you are like a crossroads and do not know whether to continue the same belief in your family as such time with which you were with that you grew up with which you were raised or then take some kind of new particular belief Forgiveness looks at me are talking to also that there are energies that are strange to someone from the past could be missing a child or family member but has to do mostly with your Blood can be a friendship can be a child can be a person very close to you a couple of the past It is strange that has been separated or has It has been away from you and that person also He is thinking of you that person wants contact you can be thinking perhaps remembering a family a father a mother if they They are in the past or as a relationship a person also no longer is you look you know that I am either directly with messages that I receive I read the letters in a way Intuitive and receive messages from God of the universe of their guides spiritual and are showing me here that some of you may have experienced a situation where They lost a child and this can apply the way in which literally physically in this world lost or because it is no longer alive or can be because it has no communication with aries you and you then you have lost your child because they want to hear from you no You want to have communication or contact but here you are saying about that son is thinking of you in that He remembers you either from the either there or here in the present but which it is full of pride and a lot of fear and dare not take that step to reconnect with you not dare to take that step of asking forgiveness talk and you’re with these energies in which you makes a lump in my throat where there nights where they’re telling me here your spiritual guides that you’re knees crying or sad He is hoping to return this person It can be a couple a family or this son like you dictates how are you readings are general because as apply for many people adapt to your situation if a child in your life is that You are lost because of that it is referring if a parent who is from the afterlife with your life Well that’s what he is referring to is trying to communicate from beyond and has a message for you here these beings spiritual you get from the there and you are inviting you to take there are some of you that risk They have entered this video perhaps because You have to make a decision and do not know what to do to take a weight of above and are you saying that you have to take that risk that leap des of faith here is a meeting that is to be be giving very soon and look this new leap of faith that change You could be organized in your life thinking or planning to do something different will take you along the way in which two people here with that is the Knight of Cups is Front with Queen Two cups people who are already related either partner or this child as I mentioned you from beyond or here in the present passes start receiving news contact that person I say something you You had a person who was far from you will give will make the decision return to your life and will come repentant will give the necessary explanations why he made that decision at the time who took it and why is away from you it will depend on you then in that position as queen glasses show show love and compassion open the doors open them open your heart again this person so you can be with you so they can connect in a fairly strong very spiritual Nine of Swords Ferris wheel and the letter of the four of clubs here energy anxiety and stress concern for the home concern about what will happen in the home or what will happen when I am not I’re talking about there energies TAL which time you are going trouble sleeping warriors aries You could not’re putting focus being constantly raising at night or are going through a period of anxiety, but your concern It has to do with Home stability perhaps to think about that in future you will not be present and how it will then be your family and how you will get all the people to your around you are saying that no You can continue living that way what will happen when you lose the because then those things are attracting those energies into your life and Here you are indicating that you have get out of that mindset lost removes the thought of your head because what comes to you are very nice things with this letter from the Sun is the letter of the xota drinks also where you speak of yourself that your mouth is only going to get the truth out that’s your new slogan only always tell the truth to be illuminated everything is in darkness your life will change for the better in this aspect but for that you have first of all I believe it was that things go because you have to change that attitude pessimistic and I have to tell aries because that’s my mission to be here to give ear to the Alonsitos maybe your friends or people close to you dare not give these cross arms are thrown into a corner like and you do not want to lose keep seeing things or continue your future but you are stating here no light at the end of the tunnel arise these wounds and then continue rejecting the support and assistance people who are around you because you can get ahead of this situation if you are stating here of you have to stop letting People will not be a victim victimize stand up and fight for you is because that It will be something that will help you to have such stability that both You need so it’s time to wake up to open those arms and stop having those arms and crossed because you rejecting the help that wants to your life that make you want push and go forward This is to stop thinking that they You are the victim to leave that mentality negative because what comes to you is abundance and a radical change look What a beautiful letter from this 10 gold medals and this letter of 3 bastos where you you can finally get up and stand on top of the mountain and you will I could say I’ve reached my goal come to the place where I want to be as some of you perhaps during this period you are receiving this Reading have a goal to which reach just you want time to participate in a career may want to climb a time mountain or maybe have a goal staff regarding your savings and here tell you you’re going to do that will to arrive once you do you think these negative thoughts because within all this negativity it can present which is internal in the center You have to the sun trying to radiate always around you and protect you because on the way coming for you have abundance and have that opportunity to look to other lands and look for other places to see things from a new horizon from a new viewpoint This is be prepared because they come These great opportunities for you have to get out of that situation where you might be feeling like a victim some of you might be in a health situation and that could estarse then referring to that you feel that because you’ve been a victim in this constant struggle out ahead Let’s see what the message from Your Angels my warriors area this says Listen to your intuition have to be more concentrated and do a little more than meditation so you can listen to messages you are sending your guides spiritual and see the following message leaving you ask for help from others and that has been part of your theme also to help with this ten bastos where you have many responsibilities adic many pesos on you and you are indicating your guide you need ask for help and listen to your intuition with people who are your around you want your dream how long it will come true and you’re ready let’s see says now is the perfect time in this when you’re listening to this Reading is the perfect time for you aries for these things in your life and begin to manifest your desires let to happen with interactive question as I’ll get you two cards the option to and b you can make a choice question and choose one of the two cards or doing a different question for each letter’re ready if you took is the option or did is a question for the letter the answer for you question whether or not it is better so wait a little wait because it will come something much better for you if you took it the option of the answer for you is a definite yes very well in numbers lucky for you the numbers are going to accompany During this time you get the 63 and you also get the 15 days of the lucky right now Let’s see what days are Lucky for you on Friday and days Wednesday will be the lucky days so you can then receive good news and that you risk in screen at this moment you appear the following videos you recommend and here at the top is the link so you can visit my page web and have a private consultation I am me jot and bright decree and progress


  1. amen amen amen, estoy mal x mi ex la verdad no se q pase con mi relacion……estoy muy cansada, pero no lo puedo olvidar

  2. Maravillosa lectura🙏gracias😘 increíblemente acertada en todo!!! Solo las respuestas de las preguntas no fueron favorables pero así es la vida!!!

  3. Saludos Jotita soy Escorpio jeje pero la persona de mi interés es Aries por eso pase por aqui me gusta escucharte un fuerte abrazo desde Ecuador….. 😘😘😘

  4. Gracias J, siempre muy acertado en cada lectura, las extrañaba y extraño las de insta! Siempre encuentro respuestas en ti…

  5. Hermosa lectura y es cierto lo que dice estoy esperando la respuesta de una persona de mi pasado el se Alejo sin decir nada el tiene que volver a dar una explicación yo entregue amor, ayude en todo y si llevó más de un mes que no duermo bien me dan las cinco de la mañana despierta y no puedo dormir pensando en mi situación me encanto tu lectura. Espero con ansias el cambio y ver por fin la rueda de la fortuna espero toda esa 🙏❤

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