CANCER ♋ Vas Por Ese Sueño 🌼🌞🦋💪 TAROT EX PAREJAS

CANCER ♋ Vas Por Ese Sueño 🌼🌞🦋💪 TAROT EX PAREJAS

how are you dear friends of cancer
Welcome for your special reading of ex-partner that goes from January 20 to 26
this year 2020 ‘many 2020 ok cancer let’s start with your
reading without first thanking your great support as always in the channel the
people who are new welcome welcome as mauritius
cortez tarot can locate me in the social networks that I leave them in the
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next to the subscription button ok now if cancer we start week of the 20th
to January 26, expand how they will be you in relation to your ex partner your
energies very good cancer before continuing
I want you to choose this left side what are these two mallets or this side
right from there we are going to take a tip and we will draw a letter to see what
it could happen in this week that is as different or some news or something
related to ex-partner at the end of the reading so choose while the side
left or right the one they feel most that for you cancer to see is a
week where the emotional I still say still because I know it comes from
many positive things cancer some are as more focused on
work on money in those aspects I see them well I also see them well in
the appearance of friendships I feel that it’s a week also for the family
positive but in terms of emotions of you cancer what you guys like
feel as a person this week in relationship to that ex partner is like of
be a little lost the letter on logo talks about walking through life as well as
you are I don’t know if I keep waiting I don’t know if this person comes back one day
I don’t know if looking for a new partner I don’t know yes continue with my current partner because
I still miss it still hurts that I have to have separated from that
person then it’s like a little bit there I don’t know that feeling found without
make decisions no I don’t feel it a week so easy or that of some
way i don’t know it’s like maybe they are also going to
have not only related topics with former partners but other problems
times more important than maybe not they give them no time to think about the ex
couple then will see how two two groups one who really doesn’t know what
do and what to decide in relation to that ex couple and that somehow I wasn’t
like doing nothing you want me to be different in other areas that is not
working is not studying is not not I know it’s like he’s only interested in
the couple or former partner in this case and not wants to do nothing else but there are others
cancer they won’t have much time of thinking about the former couple because
he has a job because they are trying to get ahead in fact there is like a
distinct effort as one as a different energy to be able to leave the
passed by for some maybe being like
undecided and whether or not to continue waiting but they are not bad either
they are giving opportunities for the best meet new people then they will see
like different the feeling is what I rescue is that
they will have a balance most of the scopes therefore it won’t be a
week so I don’t know so negative or that or of grief or pain or suffering no
I feel that somehow like undecided or not knowing what to do but they are going to
see another very positive life environment that they will get some of that
thought but there is a small group as I tell him that he will be re
lost but they are the least they are the least because what he does the same is like
also coming a process as of want to change in a new year not the
they had had a great time in relation to love and he and now I think they are
running things pretty well in several areas then you have to
take advantage and cases that have not done
follow the rest in an evolution in a change in loving each other more respect
pull up go let that person who might not value them
now if you are the ones of some way they made the mistakes and they
they are realizing that they got her practically and that they want
vindicate the situation they won’t know what to do especially if that couple or
be sorry if that ex partner already took a new way new direction but neither
they will suffer but they will be there as undecided we will see how they are going to
be your ex partners in relation to you the truth is that it is a week
quite positive in many areas by so much
hold on to the good and deal with the issues of former partners and they don’t work out anymore
go ahead look at your ex partner’s cancer in relationship to you there is unexpected change
okay there is unexpected change it’s like to see
cancer look if you were the let’s say the culprits of the term of that
relationship most likely that your ex-partner is already in a
new process in a new relationship I feel that ex-partner if you
they were the ones who cheated or did something negative and that’s why they ended well in
completely quick change of relationship to you it’s like they don’t know it’s
like they say I can’t give it anymore love of that cancer because that cancer
it hurt and I decide to activate the energy but for a new relationship
ok then focus on nine relationships there are also others
ok cancer what they decided they won’t decide to make a
drastic change because they realized that you are important people
even if you are in a relationship already new and are calm cancer can
there is something that dzeko what’s in there ex-partner of you cases that don’t
they are having a good time they are not having fun in fact is
like they realized that who doesn’t can continue in a relationship that
there is practically no love and it costs them make decisions and if you by
example start a new relationship cancer and they know it most likely
is that say wow what happened here I don’t know I didn’t realize that we really love
I’m going to play that cancer and they come those unexpected changes upon realizing
that you are in something better or see it super good now and they will decide maybe
send them a message to avoid that you go to cancer or start
a new relationship they are like thinking it’s like i can’t believe it
bye not now that I know it may be with someone else I can’t want to avoid it
it’s like that kind of situations even it’s like they are not able to decide
totally leave that person but they will send you a message or they will love you
activate something with you for or are you going to say they are still in love that
they need to end that relationship that of equal time or you know how it is like
what’s different obviously as in everything as in everything
subject there are different positions I want to know more know those changes
unexpected in relation to cancer because they would look look at the
lovers letter and it’s like that much is what I tell you many of your ex
couple is like they realize that their new relationship did not work and you
are they really love they want or be find out that you are in a
new relationship or meeting someone and they don’t want to bear it or they realize
they don’t want that even they are able of asking to be lovers of you instead
to lose them 100% like that how can you say then there are
enough movement in relation to you cancer of your ex partner
especially if you are like with a new energy i’m going to ask what
obstacles could be between you and your ex partner to return clearly here the justice letter
tell me about what of what
that the family environment or friendships or all is clearly yes
you hurt them cancer is like that everything they say do not you think come back
with that person that is, don’t you think about it do this don’t think about doing this
another because otherwise you will suffer pain then as the first thing the
environment could hamper the family but there are also many obstacles
related to friendships with the night the party the alcohol money from that to
times were prioritized or your ex partner prioritized friendships to go out to
have fun instead of you and that it’s like it still hurts like
it may also be that you have prioritized to money friendships
et cetera and have been unfair to that person therefore is not like
complicated that they can come back while don’t let go of the past while you are in
look at the secrets if there was deception so as long as all this is not healed
it’s very complicated this week I think which is a week to have
news for your ex partner to give account of something for them to receive certain
especially those who have clearly the option to return if I have a partner
my ex has a partner is on the other side of the world has no communication clearly
this reading is not for you me understand then you always have to be
goal in reading and understand what is general if it doesn’t resonate you can visit
the video of your ascendant we are going to ask now those who chose the
left side what advice do you give us the angels for those who said the side
left tells us the law of forgiveness Release the pain and stick with the
teachings cancer look free pain and stick with the teaching that speaks to us
just to forgive to forget about drop now if you have any hate grudges if
is there any chance of getting back good you have to release that to be able to
again that the relationship opens a opportunity in case you have it and
clearly that if nothing happens anymore and they want to find a new love you have
to forgive in order to heal and attract that new couple
let’s see if for this group I could have something unexpected in relation to your
former couple that could have unexpectedly in this week from January 20 to 26 to
the illusions cancer clearly that former couple tell them
again or appear and tell you you know that I think you can still
I realized this from this other from you who was born
but you may also be open a new illusion in relation to that
former partner or the illusion reborn because they realized they didn’t give
some signal or they talked on networks social or found out that they are not
well in a relationship then maybe from either side this week-
the illusion is reborn that does not mean that they will come back but yes that could
have strong movements for those who chose the right side
the fairies tell us stay away wow for you it’s like that
drastically abandons that unhealthy situation and enjoy the new doors that
open for this group clearly They say stay away, it is no longer worth going back
with that person because they are not going to result or because it’s not the time for
at least this week already wow as strong and that could happen for this
group those who chose the right side something unexpected to have messages that is the
letter from the priestess clearly speaks of intuition speaks of intelligence speaks
in a document signing way of medical exam study but this case
we are talking about love and when it comes out the priestess to me represents as
a message that could send them some ex partner already especially can be a
virgo sorry leo is leo and I want that know that I don’t let myself be guided by
figure I see the number of the letter and what partner the ok sign so they have it
Clear I can surely send you some
cancer message that you want to return or who wants to be with you or who
regretted or just don’t have any news from that person
but believe me it is because it comes from some way lost or lost
now it may also be that you to through a message sent to that
person especially from leo want to communicate and play the whole
for the whole but I don’t think they work a lot in case you
have been to blame for more than look because it’s like they were in
a different energy I feel that they are as in an energy the best thing that is not
the time to be together should wait a little longer now
well dear friends of cancer I hope serve this reading that
that can apply it to your life as tips are general energies the day
Sunday we are always reading of expareja day tuesday with live
where can you ask a question free if they are chosen on the day
Thursday with the reading of the ends of week
thank you very much for a week spectacular cancer

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  2. Si Mauricio, volver con él sería estar dentro de un ambiente tóxico, mi ex le hace caso a los malos consejos de sus amistades, su pareja nueva y sobre todo familia.. ya perdone y aprendí de ello, estoy contenta de renacer, amo mi nueva relación. Dicen que cuando sueltas lo malo viene algo mejor 💜 fue la mejor decisión. Gracias

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