Day 25 in #31daysoftarot2020 – Tarot Creators I’d Like to Meet

Day 25 in #31daysoftarot2020 – Tarot Creators I’d Like to Meet

Hi everyone its Gwen from Hummingbird
Tarot and this is a video response to Ethony’s 31 days of Tarot if you like
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so today’s prompt is asking if you could meet any tarot creator who would you
like to meet and for me my mind immediately went to YouTube creators to
YouTube channels because I just think it would be really fun to hang out with
several of you and the people that come to mind are Ethony, Kelly Ann Maddox
Kelly from Truth In Story, Brian Cormack Carr, The Hermit’s Cave you guys just seem
like you’d be fun to hang out with kicking back in a lounge somewhere with
some wine and some whiskey or tea if that’s what you prefer breaking out some
cards and slinging some cards and doing some readings swapping stories with each
other asking hypothetical questions all that kind of fun stuff it just seems
like it would be a really fun evening and I’d like to be a part of that so
I know we were just supposed to have one person that’s my interpretation
of that question I look forward to seeing what everyone else has to say
thanks for watching

2 comments on “Day 25 in #31daysoftarot2020 – Tarot Creators I’d Like to Meet

  1. Great thoughts on that prompt. I feel that way, especially as I have no social outlet of interests as such in my physical life.

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