Days 13-19 in #31daysoftarot2020

Days 13-19 in #31daysoftarot2020

Hi, everyone! Its Gwen from hummingbird
Tarot and this is a video response to Ethony’s 31 days of Tarot if you like
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week I’m combining several prompts today day 13 is asking where I’d like to be in
my Tarot practice in the year 2030 and I was thinking about this one where I
think I’d like to be is just to be able to be more free and open about the fact
that I read tarot I find myself holding back that information until I can feel
someone out when they ask me what I do what my hobbies are those types of
things I never share automatically that I’m a
tarot reader it’s just I guess the stigma attached to it I’d like to see
that stigma go away it definitely seems like it’s more and more common and
people that I thought in my life would be shocked and not okay with it have
been more accepting and I’ve been surprised by that there are still quite
a few people that just have this very negative impression about it and
obviously there there’s always those charlatans out there the tarot readers
that give the rest of us a bad name and there’s nothing we can do about that but
it would be great if the rest of us who aren’t trying to cheat people could have
more of a voice and and have it be more of an accepted thing to do and that’s
what I’d like to see in my tarot practice in 2030 and I’m open to new
possibilities so I don’t know where I’ll be then the sky’s the limit I know I’ll
still be reading tarot cards so Day14 is is there any Tarot
tattoos or decor that you’d like to share and I actually just got you can
see the the wall hanging behind me it’s a really pretty tree I’ll move the
camera up a little bit so you can see the top of it it’s just really magical
it’s like like in a magical forest with little fairies
flying around so the tarot decor that I want to share is actually the wall
hanging and that’s behind me it’s a tree in a swamp with magical fairy lights
all over it and I love the the feeling that it gives the room and I actually
just got this a few days ago I got a gift card for Christmas that I used to
purchase it and I love it I love the feeling that it gives to the room so
that’s what I want to share Dave 15 favorite pop culture tarot readers the
only one that I’ve ever been kind of attached to would be the one that Ethony
mentioned and that was Solitaire from James Bond the rest of them are so, it’s
almost like a joke, about how they’re always pulling the death card and
somebody’s going to die and it’s always this creepy thing and that’s typically
what I what I see and that turns me off what I see in the movies and in pop
culture so I don’t have anything to add to that that day and then day 16 I
didn’t do that one as far as painting your own thing to share it’s been a
little busy around the holidays here so and same with day 17 what celebrity
would you like to read for I don’t have a choice for that all the people that I
pick I just I don’t know enough about them to see if they respond well you
never know how people are gonna respond and I’d only want to read to someone who
was open to it I’m gonna skip that one I do have some
choices for prompt for day 18 best deck for meditation or journey work can be
tarot or Oracle and I have a few selections of each and I thought I would
share the deck and go into how I might use those for meditation or affirmation
sometimes I meditate on things that I want to attract and and I will focus on
those things using decks that already have that have something for me to focus
on in the deck so let me just share a few so the first one I have is the #IAmPower deck and this deck and I’ll give you more information I don’t remember
the author is or who the artist is on this one right now but I’ll put that in
the in the show notes but if you’ll see its it looks like
watercolor painting on there and this is an example of one of the cards
so this says I am vibrant but you can see there’s kind of abstract shapes in
the back so when I’m meditating I may use this I may focus on the shapes in
the back and just kind of picture them moving and floating around and just use
it as a way to check out and occupy my mind just enough to where I can just
still the voices and my to-do lists and the things I’m worried about and so it
helps me occupy my mind just enough for me to be able to get the most I can
out of meditation and another deck I might use would be something that has a
lot going on an example of that might be the Voyager Tarot this is a collage deck
and this one here would give you an example of the card. I use this in a
similar way that I do the other one that had the abstract shapes I just use the
card and I just look at it and I imagine. I spend time on each of the objects in
there with the clouds in the background I may imagine myself walking on the
clouds or flying above them wherever I can let my imagination roam and it’s
it’s just enough as with the other deck to occupy my mind enough for me to check
out of my everyday worries and concerns and allow me some brain space to just
check out for a little bit and then here’s another example of the Llewellyn Tarot deck and some of these cards have a lot going
on too these are all hand-drawn and I may if I’m meditating too, just look at
the card and go through every single object in the card and look and see
what’s going on, examine the cups that are there well if there’s any paths in
the background I might imagine myself walking down those paths to see what’s
over the hill. I might, if you see there’s leaves and things in the background, I
might use those to define shapes like you do when you’re looking at clouds and
trying to find shapes in the clouds I might do that with any vegetation that’s
there or if there are clouds the same kind of thing so this is something that
I might use that’s one of the ways that I use Tarot decks as a part of
meditation practice day 19 is the best deck for ritual or magic work. I’m not a
witch so I don’t do any magic work or any type of rituals similar to what
someone who practices might but I have shared with you the meditation work that
I do and I would consider that a ritual for myself it is something that I
do every day I use that to help manifest the things that I want in my life and I
would use any one of those decks that I just covered or pretty much any deck at all if
there’s a card that you like and you see something in that card and emotion or
something a physical object or anything that interests you that appeals to you
then you could use that to focus on as something that you would like to attract
in your life thanks for letting me skim over some of those days but I wanted to
make sure that I hit on all of the days and that was day 13 through 19 I’m
looking forward to seeing what everybody else does what everyone else has to
share for those days thanks for stopping by

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  1. I agree there is a negative connotation to it- I don't really tell people I do tarot etc either. Love that tree decor. it's so pretty. 🙂 I don't really meditate with cards, I'm still working on how I enjoy meditating lol. I do some ritual stuff but it's not like direct magic, it's more internal energy and practice of my body mind and soul. I don't call myself a witch but I do believe magic is out there.

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