Pick A Card 🦋 What Is Blocking This Connection 🔮Tarot Reading

Pick A Card 🦋 What Is Blocking This Connection 🔮Tarot Reading

hello friends and welcome back to
another pick a card tarot reading today we are using a combination of both
tarot cards and Oracle cards to figure out what is blocking you from connecting
with that certain someone this could be someone that you are interested in but
haven’t connected with yet this could be talking about reconciliation this could
be about moving forward with a friendship this doesn’t just have to be like a relationship this could be a
friendship this could even be you know what’s blocking you from say connecting
with a child or a parent this could really this is really
applicable to all sorts of different relationship types okay so we’re not
just talking about long-term sexual relationships it’s all kinds of
relationships and it’s just about what is blocking you from connecting and
taking that relationship to a deeper level so I have my tea over here in my
little owl mug grab yourself some tea or water and you want to take a moment to
thank one of my lovely subscribers Urmi for this wisdom of oracle deck that
is what these top cards are from she gifted this deck to me and I am so
incredibly grateful so thank you very much for me if anyone wants to take a
peek at what my Oracle and Tarot wishlist does look like I have it linked
in the description box below so without further ado let’s get started
so to begin I want you to take three deep mindful breaths while asking
yourself what is blocking me from connecting with and then you can fill in
the blank with whoever you are trying to connect with
so take a deep breath in and out deep breath in down
deep breath in and now that your mind is calm and you’ll focus on the question I
want you to look at the piles in front of you
this is pile one mile to pile three in pile four I want you to use your
intuition and pick the pile that you are most drawn to the top cards are all
identical there’s absolutely nothing different about the cards so use your
intuition which one is calling to you which one is destined to be to hold your
message and now your message might be spread out among different piles if you
feel the need to watch multiple messages you can do that and the time stamps will
be listed in the description box as well as the first hint comment ok pile number
1 so we are going to start with your tarot cards to just get a general
overview of the situation so we are starting with the temperance card the
star and the ace of chalices are these of cups ok so first of all I’m sensing
that this relationship that you’re wanting to connect with this is
something very new this might be a new friendship a new romantic partner it is
something new that is really drawing your attention and you’re trying to
balance kind of your life without this person and the and the idea at the
prospect of your life with this person this temperance card speaks of balance
so that’s why that’s why I’m really seeing that like this is even a balance
of the seasons in this card so we’ve got winter on the one side and the
indication of spring on the other we’ve got the balance of the earth and the
land so this is this is you trying to balance this new excuse me there’s a
hair there this is you trying to balance this new this new friendship this new
romantic partner with your life and right now you’re feeling very very
exuberant very enthusiastic very excited about the possibilities that are coming
for you and especially with this star card like you’re just kind of you’re
jumping in headfirst and just embracing the experience if you see this woman
here she is not afraid of the situation she’s naked she’s enjoying her life she
is there’s no hesitation at all and maybe that is what is blocking you is
the fact that you are very hesitant and you’re not willing to show your true
self you’re not willing to show who you are underneath the makeup the clothing
the you know the the persona that you put on to the X outside world perhaps we
need to strip it back and I’m not saying you to get naked I’m just saying that
you need to be raw and almost transparent in a way really allow
yourself to experience this relationship while keeping this like a balance of
safety I mean you don’t have to lay out all your cards so to speak you don’t
have to show everything but you do have to balance you know being so restricted
that this person can’t actually get to know the real you so that they don’t
actually get to know what your dreams are what your hopes are if you can’t if
you can’t balance you know the this free spirit kind of energy with restriction
then it’s going to be very hard to connect so I’m feeling like balance is
is very important here and with this ace of chalices like this is this is
something new this is something fresh we’ve got lots of flowers here with the
flowers in the chalice the flower the hyacinth I think is what they’re called
blossoming on the shore the Lotus is here blossoming in the water everything
is kind of opening up and that’s another good metaphor for how you should
approach this relationship is you do need to make sure that you can open up
and this might even be a red flag if you feel like you can’t open up with this
person then it might call into question like why are you even wanting to connect
with this person because perhaps if you don’t feel like
you can be this free spirit then you need to look at this relationship closer
and understand why if we’re looking for especially if we’re looking for like a
long-term romantic partnership you need to be able to be who you are
and if you don’t feel like you can be who you are then maybe this this block
is for the best okay let’s see what your Oracle cards have to say and I put this
numerology card aside because this is what is going to be how you can move
forward this is going to be your tip to move forward so we’re going to address
that at the end so we have peace and I feel like this card is very important
because it goes along with this dark heart and how I was saying you have to
you have to feel comfortable and you have to feel like you can be yourself
with this person otherwise I really want you to analyze why you’re even going
after this relationship and wanting to connect with this person if you don’t
feel at peace when you are with this person then maybe we need to look at
those red flags and understand why you’re giving you’re getting this
hesitation whether it be like a physical or kind of a sixth sense kind of a
hesitation but if you’re feeling like there’s some kind of a hesitation and
you can’t be yourself then you really need to look into that okay and then we
have initiation rite of passage crossing the threshold okay interesting so maybe
maybe this this lack of confidence is actually stemming from a lack of
self-love and you’re feeling like you need to go through this rite of passage to be
able to get out if you look right now we are currently in this dark and stormy
kind of environment but down this passage is this beautiful beach this
purple and teal Beach and you’re feeling like you have to go through this
negative energy and only when you’re on the other side will you be able to
connect with this person but that’s not always necessarily true you can for one
thing you like it’s right there you can go you can be there but we also have to
remember that when we’re happy things don’t always come to us things come to
us and then we find us a joy or it’s very other way around you know people
always think that when things happen like when we get through this door
that’s when we will be happy that’s when we’ll be able to connect with this
person that’s when you know things will be happening but we have to remember
that even in this dark place we can find joy we can find happiness we can find
connection okay we can find peace even within the darkness we know that that is
there looming in the future looming that’s not really the best word because
it sounds like negative we know that that’s there in the future but we have
to deal with the present and we have to find peace and happiness and freedom in
the present so that we can move forward Akasha your guidance is divinely guided
your guidance is divinely guided yeah this card actually speaks really well
with the initiation card you know speaking of guidance you don’t need a
map to get to this location you know how to get there it’s within your heart it’s
within your mind it’s within your soil you know how to get there you know how
to get to this relationship you have or your wanting with this person
again it’s it’s about balancing the future with the present it’s about
balancing you know your eagerness to step forward with you know it’s about
balancing your eagerness to step forward with the idea that you can still live in
the present and enjoy the moment now it’s not all about your manifestation in
the future you have to enjoy the moment now you have to live in the now because
we never know what’s really going to happen in the future we have to be at
peace with the now and our circumstances now to be able to really appreciate
whatever happens to be on the other side of this gateway and then we have
encouragement and I’m like what I’m hearing is encouraged to be yourself to
be who you are to like when you love yourself which really goes back to this
star card when you can love yourself and you can be who you are then you’re
removing all those blocks you’re removing any block that might be holding
you back because ultimately that other person doesn’t matter because you are
enjoying yourself you’re enjoying being who you are which is what she is doing I
mean the star card is about reaching for your dreams but if you look at her she’s
looking up at the stars but ultimately she is enjoying this moment she is
enjoying the cool water against her skin she’s enjoying the nice moonlit night
the starlit night and it’s just enjoying herself and it’s just free to be who she
is and you don’t have to be a woman you can be a man you can be however you
choose to identify it just happens to be what I’m perceiving to be a woman on
this card and then we have what do you need to release okay so this is a very interesting card
because talking about what is blocking you from connecting with this person
suggesting that there’s something you need to release so what is it that you
need to release is it fear is it the fear of judgment that if you are your
true authentic self that they are going to judge you is it you’re afraid of
what’s actually in the future right now might seem negative but what if the
future is no different what if it’s no better how do you know that that’s going
to be any better or maybe it’s just going to be different and honestly we
don’t know we can only live in the now and experience the now for the future
we’ll always be ahead of us but if we can be our own strongest voice our own
voice of encouragement our own guidance then it doesn’t really matter what’s on
the other side of this door because we have found our own internal peace so I
feel like what’s blocking you guys from moving ahead is something that you need
to release and I feel like this release might really revolve around you being a
bit of a daydreamer I want to say you’re focusing it too much on the future and
you’re not embracing what’s happening now so this person might be trying to
connect with you but you’re looking so far into the future that you can’t even
see the subtle hints that are being showing right now okay so now we’re
going to go on to your last card and this is a card that is going to give us
guidance about how you can move forward okay and that card is love and it’s
interesting with the color on this card it’s blue just like this start card so
I’m really feeling like what’s blocking you from connecting with this person and
what is blocking you from moving forward could and and how you can move forward
is the level of self-love that you currently give yourself feeling like
right now you probably could use a little bit of encouragement a little bit
of inner peace so my advice to you Group one is to work on yourself love I want
you guys to write down in the comments I am loved I am worthy I am you know just
just I am I am everything I could possibly want to be I love myself for
Who I am and I embrace Who I am wholeheartedly okay to move forward you
guys need to release negative emotions especially in regards to the way you
perceive yourself you know like negative thought patterns about your appearance
or about your education or about your self-worth you are loved you are worthy
of love you are capable of love okay so that is my reading for you group number
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coming up in the new year I can’t believe it is almost 2020 so I will see
you guys in the next video love light and happiness to all of you have a
fantastic day bye hello group numbered so so we’re gonna
start with your tarot cards this card I’m saving to the end that is going to
be the key for you to move forward what will help you
okay nice with this person so let’s start with your tarot cards so what is
blocking you from connecting with this person so we have the tower card we have
the hanged man and we have the seven of Pentacles okay so I feel like first of
all with this Howard card and even with this hangman I think you guys have a lot
of fear holding you back this could be a fear of the unknown this could be you
know like a big change and it’s coming up that’s making you nervous there’s
just there’s something that is making you afraid but the seven of Pentacles
like this is this is a long-term kind of card if we look at this card here woman
you know I assume that she is pregnant she is feeding off the fruit of this
tree and you know it’s like this is this is a long-term vision this is you know
like like welcoming a baby into your life is is a lifelong commitment and
when you can plant an orchard you can assume that you are going to have fruit
for the long term and then with this Hank man this is this is a change of
perspective and it’s also like new things starting fresh I find this
imagery very interesting because you know we have this very fertile imagery
here with the seven of Pentacles you know the fruit the the pregnancy but
then we come over to the hanged man and as you can see he is stuck in this
freeze the ice is coming down his legs and he’s facing this way he’s looking
this way but then we have this this sunshine coming down and this blossom
this spring flower coming into we have the spring flower just blossoming so
again another like image of something of blossoming that’s going to be long-term
but then right here in the middle we have this tower card which you know it’s
speaking of you know like breaking things down and change so I mean like
it’s hard to sit like this could even if there’s people watching who aren’t
pregnant and you’re wondering how you’re going to connect with your baby it’s
almost like and you’re pregnant this tower is kind of the labor card where
it’s like a huge change just really happens in an instant when you have a
baby and then you’re kind of stuck looking back at your old life and you
see this a new life blossoming behind you and when you can turn around and you
can really appreciate it you just you see the light shining in on it you see
the beauty of these blossoms and you just you’re your perspective will almost
instantly change and you just like I love this human so much and you realize
that you can connect with this person without without words and this could
even be you know if you’re not becoming a parent this could even just be that
kind of connection where you don’t even need words it’s like you’re your souls
aren’t connected so this this could be like a soulmate relationship that we’re
talking about with the tower card this could even be like a twin flame because
sometimes twin flames can butt heads anyway let’s get on to your oracle cards
and see what’s blocking you from moving forward with this relationship well
there’s the soulmates card okay and then we have the wizard of awareness so I’m
almost sensing that you guys are almost like you’re expecting a lot from this
relationship you have really high hopes right from the beginning right when
you’ve met this person and like you you have this awareness of this connection
of this potential you still make connection that you guys have but
there’s still something holding you back it’s almost like I really want to say
that you’re afraid you’re afraid to take this connection because what if you
never feel like this again what if you never feel this deep of a connection
again and what if this relationship doesn’t even work and then you feel like
the best is will never happen again because this this connection is so
amazing and so you’re almost you’re almost hesitant to even try because what
if and then we have take a break a life’s work not the season and get off
the treadmill yeah so this this card is telling me that it’s you know it’s okay
to just slow down things don’t have to happen overnight even with this with
this seven of Pentacles of oh when I was talking about labor earlier I mean you
hear those stories about those quick Labor’s where you know that people don’t
even make it to the hospital and the baby’s board on the side of the road but
then you also have the others the story where people where women can
be a labor for days and days and days so this is about not rushing into things
it is about taking in the long path taking the long journey understanding
that this is not going to be a point A to point B really quickly you have the
rest of the alphabet to get through before you get to the end journey so get
off the treadmill enjoy the now enjoy every moment like this hey man turn
around and enjoy the perspective behind you and then we have don’t dim to fit in
how are you dimming your light in order to fit in I feel like that’s just saying
like you need to be you in this situation don’t let the fear of you know
and kind of bring you down but also don’t over analyze the situation don’t if you just sit here and you dwell and
you just hang and you’re always looking in the same direction then you’re never
gonna see that beautiful flower behind you all right so you need to be able to
to dance to turn around to see all the different possibilities okay and to
understand that each each little interaction that you have with this
person is developing this connection more and more with each interaction you
are developing this relationship more and more even if it’s not going as fast
as you want it to go hey as someone who’s been pregnant four times you
always it’s like oh okay like when is his baby ever gonna come you know all
four of my children were very late and so like I felt like
you know like it was I just I just wanted to meet them so badly but then
when I finally like relaxed and accepted that my body knew when the right time
wasn’t that my baby knew at the right time was that we would eventually meet
you know I wasn’t gonna say pregnant forever you know when I just accepted
that and trusted myself to just experience this that is what I was able
to move forward and I feel like that is a very special message for you guys if
this is a soulmate relationship then it is about trusting the experience
interesting that things are always going to come back around so if this is if
this is also a reconciliation if this is some if you’re wanting to reconcile with
someone you’ve already been in a relationship with and you feel like they
are just the one and you need to get back with them and I want you to you
know it’s about taking a break and also you know just being who you are because
if they are destined to be with you then they are destined to be with who you
truly are you can’t fake who you are in order to
win them back you have to be yourself so that even could be what this tower card
represents for some of you it could be the break-up that you’re trying to
reconcile with okay then we have don’t let your past to hold you back if you
feel like this is something that you really want then look to the future live
in the now but look to the future to be able to live in the now but look to the
future to be able to find motivation for what you want to do now for actions that
you want to take now so that you can move forward and reconnect but just this
wizard of awareness card is really making me think
okay well there’s actually like two things like it’s kind of at the bottom
of this card really always makes me think of a reflection and it makes me
really think of self reflection which really speaks with this Hanged man and also
don’t dim to fit in so it’s about looking at who you are and either like it’s about embracing who you are
but then does this relationship this is reconciliation or whatever does that fit
with who you are so it’s about self reflection but then it’s also about
trusting your instincts as to when to take action to move forward when to kind
of step back when to pause you know so it’s about balancing who you are and not
moving too fast okay and then we have this numerology card which is going to
speak to us about how we can move forward from this block and that is the
card of healing okay yeah healing for sure guys with the tower card and then
there’s don’t dim to fit in and the hanged man this is this is something from your past
that you have dealt with which is holding you back it is something that
you are suppressing is something that can really pushes your buttons and your
your having a very hard time moving forward from this but when you can move
forward from this that is when you’re going to be able to rebuild to this
tower that is when you’re really going to be able to see the fruits of your
labor and be able to turn around and see that flower so it is about and working
on yourself and understanding who you are where you want to be why you want to
go there I think understanding your Y is a very important part of this and just
work on some shilling for yourself work on some
self-care I think a really good affirmation for you guys and I’d like
you to tape this down in the comments below is I am safe I think that’s very
important for you guys no matter the situation that you’re in with this
relationship is that you need to understand that you are safe within your
body within your mind and I also want you to work on creating a safe space
within your physical environment where you can do this healing work whether
this be meditation whether this be journaling whatever kind of self-care
you might like to do make sure you have a safe space in which you can really
embrace the healing journey okay so that is my reading for you group number two I
hope you enjoyed it if you did please hit that subscribe button now and I will
see you in the next video love light and happiness to all of you have a fantastic
day hello group number three today we are
talking about what is blocking you from connecting with this certain person so
we have your tarot cards which is gonna give me kind of an overview of the
situation I am this card which we will do at the end which is going to show me
how you can move forward and then these will kind of fill in the gaps in between
so let’s see what is the situation with you in this person and what is blocking
you okay so we’re starting with the knight of swords you came up once and
the eight of Wands right away this nine of one does it or
this nine of swords sorry this is a lot of fear that you
have looming over your head this is anxiety you could be having
nightmares but then we have the king of ones and this eight of ones
so whatever this situation is I feel like maybe you have been hurt in the
past this might not even be hurt in a relationship this could be hurt with
your upbringing you could have experienced the traumatic
events like in a like abuse or rape you guys really have something in your past
and I I’m I really wish I could give you a hug because I feel like you guys need
it but I want to let you know that this is past energy and we had we had moved
forward from it okay with this aid of once the aid of once is about of speed
it’s about action and it is it is about moving forward this gentleman here he
has a hawk and hawks are such amazing quick and intelligent creatures they
have amazing eyesight and then we have this king of Wands and he is really a
kind of like a self-made man you don’t have to be a man you can be a woman this
is just the masculine energy coming through here but you know he’s worked
hard for what he has now and now he sits here so happily well you know people do
his work for him and he’s just enjoying life he’s just enjoying his little puppy
here and I feel like there is going to be a transition for you guys from this
energy into this energy and once you’re once you allow it to happen it’s going
to be like a fairly quick transition so that’s got a little more information
about what’s blocking you we have come to the edge okay that with this card
here that that can be very scary right this could be talking about confronting
your fears this could be you know working through your fears with say a
licensed professional whether it be like like a therapist or a doctor this could
also be doing some like if you if you were the victim of a crime this could be confronting your attacker I mean not you
don’t need to physically do this but you know mentally just be like kind of have
a conversation with them in your head gonna talk through the moment and get
your get your angers hid your fear get your whatever out if you know do do what
you need to do in a very safe way I don’t want you to be hurt physically
mentally emotionally do what really what feels comfortable for you okay if it
makes you feel uncomfortable at any time stop listen to yourself but this might
mean you need to confront your fears okay coming to the edge we have a compass I feel like this card
is telling me that you are guided you do know the way but right now like
especially with these two cards together you’ve got your compass you know the way
but you almost feel like every single way is off the edge so it’s about
working through these fears it’s about working through this block and again if
you guys need help through this don’t hesitate to ask for help don’t hesitate
to go to your doctor to a trusted family member to whoever you need to do this
isn’t it’s isn’t about going it alone okay this is reconciliation
connecting with this person this could even be connecting with yourself you
know before you even need to worry about connecting with someone else you need to
go back and connect with yourself and kind of realign your compass you
understand that you have this energy and that you are capable of amazing things
but you kind of need to get back in touch with that person yeah we have get
grounded and past highly-sensitive connect with nature yeah so connecting
with nature doing like some self-care kind of activities taking care of
yourself I feel like that might be something that you’ve been lacking you
knew maybe been shot in a little bit haven’t been wanting to experience
things because of this this experience that you have and so just take it slow
um go with a trusted friend start start getting out into the world and
experiencing things that you used to really love to do start to connect with
the king of Wands inside of you with your inner strength with your inner with
your inner passion right grabbed it and focus on focus on who you
are because whatever might have happened to you well it that really shook you to
your core your core is still who you are okay and then we have dance with life do
something to change your energy yeah I feel like you guys are really focusing
on something something negative and I really you need to find something I
don’t want to say just snap out of it because that is the most insulting and
rude thing it’s not it’s not that and I please don’t take it like that but it is
it is about confronting these fears so that you can move forward because they
know that ultimately you do want to move forward okay yeah let’s see him don’t
let pride get in your way full moon in leo for that I’m almost sensing like
it’s it’s not even your pride it’s the pride of others it’s you’re afraid to
you’re afraid you’re afraid to hurt someone else maybe maybe not even so
much to accuse them but it’s like you’re afraid to bother them or take their time
but you know what people are very willing to help you and they would love
to help you they would love to see you work through this and just be able to to
reconnect with yourself so that you can reconnect with whoever you need to
reconnect with or connect with this could even be finding someone new after
a very painful relationship has ended that could be what this fear is
and then again it’s just it’s all about reconnecting with who you are so that
you can so that you can move forward okay and now this card this is going to
be our tip for how you can move forward so let’s see forgets I feel like the
most important person to forgive right now is you because I’m sensing that you
did nothing wrong I’m feeling like at least someone
watching this video was a victim to something and they blame themselves but
they did nothing wrong you did nothing wrong
okay I feel like um the affirmations I gave group number two would also really
apply for you guys so I’d like you guys to tape this down the comments below it
like eat of tape I am safe hey you know I safe within your body within your mind
within your physical space I want you to create a place that you do feel safe I
want you to feel safe within your thoughts want you to feel safe within
your group of people so that you can communicate I feel like you you weren’t
even really communicating with yourself because you haven’t forgiven yourself
for something that happened to you so when you can forgive yourself you
will be able to move forward and then you will be able to make all sorts of
connections going forward okay so that is my reading for you group number three
if you enjoyed it I hope I’ll see you in the next video but to do so you should
hit that subscribe button now so you do not miss out love late and happiness to
all of you group number three have a fantastic day bye hello group number four so we have your
tarot cards which is going to give me a little bit of an explanation about
what’s going on today and we have this card which will be how we can move
forward and then this is what is blocking you from connecting with this
person let’s start with your tarot cards we have the eight nine effect chalices
get five of swords the two of Wands okay so with this five of sorts I almost
feel like maybe we’re talking about a reconciliation here this is a
disagreement that has made you drift from this person and you would like to
bring it back together with this nine of chalices you might have children
together or you may have thought that one day you would have children with
this person but then there’s two of ones this says like this is ultimately coming
down to a decision of some kind these two people are deciding well how big of
a big of a poll do we need to we need this one or this one so again it’s a
decision it’s about future planning but it’s also
kind of the disagreement they’ve got two different besides two different sized
polls there okay so this nine of chalices here that this is this card
speaks of being very contempt in the situation like there’s there is a lot of
abundance here so I feel like you feel like there is there is a lot for this
relationship moving forward but either you have had these disagreements again
this could be a relationship that is currently on hold this could be you
wanting to bring something back you know use you focus sitting on the abundance
from the past and you want to you want to move past this this disagreement that
you had that potentially ended the relationship and it’s it’s about you
wanting to move forward into the future and planning for the future so let’s see
what is blocking you we have protection call back your power cut the cord soul
retrieval so that card is making me think that right now you need to focus
on you you need to focus on protecting your energy
and you might see a lot of positive things because you are totally ignoring
the the bad things that might have not necessarily part things but the negative
things that may have happened in this relationship the disagreements this
could even be if it’s not if this isn’t a relationship that you have already
been in it’s something new this could be about protecting yourself against the
future disagreements by making sure you keep a strong footing you know
understand your position on things if you guys have differing opinions whether
it’s different religion different politics just be mindful of that
difference going forward because it may be a make a break kind of a situation
and I just want you to be aware of that I’m at the Starseed card what lights you
up so that kind of that kind of goes in line with this protection card and you
know if you have a disagreement is this something that you are willing to work
through is this a difference that you’re willing to set aside or is this going to
be something that is going to constantly have you guys butting heads and that
could be what’s blocking you know that you understand that while you do love
this person or you like this person there is something there that you guys
are not aligning with and it’s making you very uncomfortable with the
situation so this is about protecting your energy and focusing on protecting
your values and your energy and not changing who you are for this
relationship to go forward okay and then we have ghost lands this is making me
think that you’ve sometimes maybe you feel like you’re not heard or you’re not
even seen by this person um you know it feels it feels a little
cold right so before I go to the next couple of cards even I want to ask do
you truly feel like you want to connect with this person if the answer is yes
then we will see how we can move forward but it’s I feel like it means to be a
lot of focus on you right now and making sure that this this relationship is
really in balance with what you want and then you need to be able to take the
steps to remain true to yourself moving forward okay so it’s like it’s like in
this card with these ballots are the two different sizes of sticks like
ultimately it doesn’t really matter which stick they pick because if you
look at the size of that being like both of those are meet you small weight no
one in the end is was correct in that decision but it’s who’s going to swallow
their pride and accept that because it’s it’s it’s okay to be different
and it’s okay to not agree um but you can’t hold that over another person’s
head you can’t have it held over yours either that’s not fair okay and then we
have the card of Ian which is very interesting with this because it’s about
balance right the yin and the yang was the other side of this equation so I
almost feel like I don’t know if it’s your energy or this other person’s
energy but there’s something out of balance here we need to remember to
balance like these these really optimistic times with these negative
times and make sure that it’s not only good not only bad but there’s a balance
there right like I said with this card it’s okay to have just agreements but
you can’t hold it over the other person’s head when they do something
wrong it’s about balancing it and it’s about protecting yourself for
this energy okay and then we have the card of prosperity lies ahead
okay so I mean this this is indicative that this this relationship could really
work out this could be a long-term thing but it’s it is all about finding this
this balance and balancing your yen with their yang but just just remember that
when these disagreements when these arguments whatever this negative time
needs to be balance it with positive times it can’t be all negative and it’s
in it’s how you handle these negatives which will help you move forward in
these situations because if this is just totally draining your energy which I’m
feeling like it might be with this protection card and with this ghost LAN
card if you’re feeling like you’re completely drained by this then we need
to analyze it this is something that you actually want to do moving forward okay let’s see how can we move forward
individuality yeah so it ultimately for you guys it’s not even so much about
this specific person but connecting with anyone will need to be done with you not
lowering yourself to fit in with someone else you don’t need to always you know
concede to the other person you don’t need to to give it and let them win you
don’t need to walk away from the situation you need to be confident in
yourself you need to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and you
need to protect your energies moving forward so that you have the strength to
continue okay um but yeah it’s this this guy’s really
speaking to me so I’m gonna put it on top it’s this balance so but prosperity
does my head if you can be true to yourself okay group number four so that
is my reading of for you if you enjoyed it please hit the subscribe button and I
will see you in the next video love light and happiness to you all of you
have a fantastic day

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  1. I am LOve
    I am Courageous
    I am Worthy of LOve

    Thank you Amethyst.
    I chose no. 1 About balance.
    Self LOve.
    I need to work in this, self LOve.

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