PISCIS ♒ Emociones Revueltas 🌊🌸 TAROT EX PAREJAS

PISCIS ♒ Emociones Revueltas 🌊🌸 TAROT EX PAREJAS

dear pisces welcome for your
special reading in relation to ex-partner from the week of January 20 to 26
this year 2020 pisces this reading we are not going to
differentiate between those who have children in common and those not for those who I
constantly we did that way we will make a general to
all ok what we are going to want choose these two steps that are left
or right these two or these two because let’s get advice and what sign that
could happen in relation to your ex couple according to the side you choose
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data come on pisces how are you in relation to
his ex-partner in this week from 20 to 26 from January and if know I think the pisces are like I don’t know
they feel like they are stuck week is like many feet is true
that have relapsed a bit is like no I know it’s like they fell a little on no
be in your ex partner or in thinking again in that person or there may even be
started a new relationship and they are going to feel like the person is not like
that still done miss that ex couple who can’t let go then
like they feel stuck for more that strive to get ahead and
forget many of you fail and they relate to people that the best is
liar who has returned to disappoint and ask again for
what’s wrong with me and what’s happening because I can’t forget my ex
and both men and women both men as women even many as
that fall into the issue of going out at night or in the addiction game for
to forget to be able to release is like a complicated week because the
placed does not talk about stagnation we ask to make a sacrifice for leaving
where are many see even 200 harmed at work in others
things for being wrong in love issues then friends of
bikes and should try to forget should try to let go of asking for help if you don’t
they can do alone the empress’s letter out there
can also be telling us those who have children in common that could
have some related conflict just with money I don’t know why you don’t judge yourself
to his ex-partner for not taking charge of be spending money on things
unnecessary or in women in the case of that are man
and much even sometimes putting the children are in between is complicated is
super complicated and it’s like that you know that your ex-partner is with
someone younger is like those men and women find out about that and it’s
like they feel a little bad because they left them for someone younger like
it will save energy because I saw the countries that came as with a change
but like this week many can go back or feel there is no case
of being able to play it for someone else because they can’t let go to see if
we clarify a bit out there too there could be lies between people
surrounding that ex-partner and things that they put them in the head or they are
preventing you from returning with that person also family already too
family it’s like repeating even patterns
from before I insist again and the energy that you will have
pisces especially those who still they hope to come back will be
a bit like a stir with a lot of many gossip many people in the environment
people intervening paper related issues
some thinking of divorcing others in another waiting or doing is like a lot
many energy movements to see let’s see if your ex partner in relation to
how are you going to be the set of pisces in relation to you
there is decision making the letter of the 3 devastated there will be more distancing
that approach ok it’s like to see some are like in
the decision to want to release it drop them but they can’t can’t
because there are still links that unite them like family then some of their
expand to you if you have it as lover just have as
not yet as close is like what it’s like even you are more than any
of you endure that situation is as rare
it’s like your ex-partner that if I would like to get away or go even
you knew that you are deceived or cheated but you still had to
says this person appears especially if they have children in common because they have
have to go see the children and it’s still like there was some illusion and
part of them is like the same is like that you are deceived I don’t know or know
feel cheated by you because no they can only be victims always
but also the other way around but still they fail to release some and come together
with bardem or sex and they keep the illusion of returning at some point but
walk here and there with different people then there is a lot of energy
cloudy there are many people involved in this relationship of
pits and with his secret ex-partner turbidity as negative energy and still as they
I say you our former partner does not lose hope to return or to continue
together finally with friends with advantage look there the other love triangle
woman how to return or alavés in what it means to be reborn but yes
something is reborn between you and that ex couple would be like a thick triangle
then for those who want to endure that perfect but for those who don’t have
very careful to hear this is the energy that your ex will have in
relationship to you is super general if it does not resonate you will see your ascendant
Now let’s ask directly there are possibilities for pisces of
come back with your ex partner this week from 20 to 26 look again I repeat
that there are possibilities but those possibilities I think it could be
good for you in case are in love or in love there are already
possibilities but I want to know if it would be good general that you
they gave that person a chance that will appear or will eventually
be negative for you pisces and sadness appears it appears as not
it’s the same as love no longer exists and injustice as major arcane then
this will continue to be maintained in the time like they are going to excite a
while if you want to give it a opportunity to that person and they will come back
to fall in case it is the other way around is like you maybe and if you want
I don’t know how to go back with that person but not anymore there is love and maybe you are going
to do justice and they were going to do it what did they do to you in some
moment is complicated then to be able to return because there are things you must
heal and that are strong especially the countries that have more time
that relationship lasted especially the countries that were
fooled by the love triangle is very complicated let’s see what obstacles
there may be there may be or there would be in this week from 20 to 26 for you
could come back with that former couple who is hindering that turn you would have to move a lot of energies and I
left starting bikes moving the energies with the eight of clubs
starting with this person who appears here that can be a new couple of
you or it can be some familiar topic or it might be representing your
ex-partner but the secret things murky feelings they don’t achieve
how to release because they can’t speak that they have there secretly the love of
past then no pisces there are many specially related obstacles
with secret thing hidden turbulence of confusion emotions new couples to
some damage that was done from the past then it’s very complicated to the
back and it would be good for example for the pisces play it for that person in
this week from January 20 to 26 that they would get the floors and they play it
look only that person is with you for interest since you already have some
a couple especially for pisces women
that I have you for the children or for the children ok and in the case for
Some pisces I feel that if you see if
you have no children in common and your ex-partner is freed from some relationship
I already have especially if he is a man maybe there is something out there
opportunity back there but in a principle would be as more of interest to
have fun to enjoy and so on nothing more then you have to think about it very
well act with maturity and understand that there would have to be a very big change
so that you could be happy with that ex partner at least in this
pisces week what they chose in the left side if you haven’t done it choose
now left or right and those who they chose the left side that could
occur in the life of the pisces in relationship to your ex partner this week
that is how wow something happened that I did not think the Empress’s letter
to do that represents the mother the mother figure
It represents somehow like being able to create your
future but this time it’s like it could happen that I have no problem
in relation to children if they have children that there is some part d pregnancy
of your partner or that your ex partner goes from be a father or mother and even be
cheated pisces again then
to pisces decision making that you have had doubt because you know that
maybe they will suffer from being carried away for your little heart pisces and turn to
the page because the truth is that what they said this group the only thing they are going to
have is trouble I know you don’t have children and the
I really just wanted to know what it happened not if they have children the most
likely that there may be some surprise but in relation to demand the
legal issues and the signs that they might be as more prone to this
kind of problem for pisces what something related to that could happen
would be gemini would be virgo and it would be aquarium I am seeing the
number of the letters not the figure for understand that ok gemini I said
Gemini Virgo and Aquarius okay
Fairies as advice as advice for those who chose this group we
says the new home pisces moving is a step in the
correct address that is practically is not saying to go to another
place where we see this person more that would be as ideal to avoid
any kind of conflict or I don’t know I throw myself more to the side than this
week would not be good for those who are watching this video illusions are made in
come back because everything throws us like to get away be yourselves say this
situation forces you to show your true me that is the foundation of your
personal power that is to be authentic That is also recommended by Pisces
who chose the right side what could happen for countries that
they chose the right side there would be some somewhat unexpected news Let’s see
for some who chose the side right there could be illusion already
especially if you hear about that person ended a relationship of
couple is alone is sad change for there for this group there could be certain
illusion and could maybe fight again to reconcile I don’t say
it’s going to be like that because reading in general appears complicated but there are
groups or small group of pisces that that clearly does not have so much
obstacles like those that have been years they have children they have a partner to both
then those who are as free and they just needed how to mature can
that for that pisces group and there is a opportunity to return or to maintain
the illusion in this relationship already have to connect with the spiritual
listen to your little heart and the ones that more they could be as positive in this
case we would be sagittarius pisces the other would be it would be scorpio and sagittarius scorpio it could also be a step just like
you but there would be missing how to decision should be seen ascending and
there would also be a leo but this I read it’s like it’s like
I don’t know it’s like I had another energy like they weren’t in the
same wave then what else would it be Scorpio and Sagittarius would be the ones to
me would be like more sorry aquarium and scorpio and aquarium
scorpio which is number 8 aquarium is the other no pisces sorry
aquarium and would be aquarium and pisces would be eat it as positive or what
with what you could give something and maybe a lion maybe a leo because they are like
very different energy or one does not occur as very as rejecting ok as soon as
to the energy theme and the angels as advice for you
pisces the healing Healing your body tells you what you are
doing with your awareness pisces hey all those who have problems of
health listen to your body because you want say that they have to many things that
heal emotional especially with this ex-partner theme that may be
playing against are making them sick causing serious health problems
even for some pisces on Tuesday we are with the
reading or sorry with the live where you can ask a free question I know
that are chosen within the chat the game day with the end reading of
week and again Sunday with the ex-partner reading I hope your
comments a big hug and make it a nice week

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