PISCIS ♓ Seguirás Esperando? 🙄 TAROT EX PAREJAS

PISCIS  ♓ Seguirás Esperando? 🙄 TAROT EX PAREJAS

how are you pisces welcome for your
special reading from January 13 to 19 of this 2011 in relation to expareja
let’s check how are the energies of you pisces in relation to your ex and
vice versa what children have what they don’t they have children in common with that person
that some asked me of course children in common good and thank pisces your
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I leave in the description of this video let’s start then reading bikes
for the week from 13 to 19 how will they be you in relation to your ex partner
let’s see what energies there are what could happen well the fish and many many come
But I have been telling you that long many made many decisions
they are trying to get ahead and this week is like
I see her a little stuck at pool is like you are
focusing perhaps more on the issues of I work more on the money issues of
the studies get ahead and how letting time pass is like leaving
it already has to be it will be if you have to appear will appear if not not me
I warm my head it’s like they’re going to be with that predisposition more
focused on another in another in other areas even for
fish that maybe you are leaving wanting or that your
former partner was to blame for the term of the relationship and you decided
leave them or leave them tell me that you can have possibility or that even some
they are already coming back or want to come back with you but you kind of leave
want and want to decide and want to really this person change change
as with facts to see if take any decision but otherwise it’s like
that the family the environment says no no you do it
this person doesn’t suit you then are there is a week like leaving
want in case you are those that are or those that your ex will
look now in case you are those who want to return and their ex partner don’t
it has appeared new likely is that have to wait most likely
that maybe more of any of you want to make some change and play it
for the last time to see what happens but there are obstacles I feel that if that person
have another partner I see that they are not going to to be able to do a lot and therefore waiting
in the case of the fish they want come back with someone and know that
person is not with someone else or not wants anything with you
they will have to wait if they don’t have no any contact with that person
most likely this week will continue all the same and then I have to
name several of several forms of alem several examples for them to understand
the energy that is given in relation to you to that person for whom
they have children and being separated comes as I tell you a
new beginning are like in a week where there may be some dialogue but
more with money related issues or with topics they need for their children
but if they are in relationships each or one of you or your ex partner
they are relationships there is no possibility of back let’s say for these people that
there are others and pisces there are others I get a lot that can be
divorcing since they can be in a term of
relationship and that and that ex partner for you pisces may want to come back or
to come with some as offering love offering them that now yes
they want to value that they want a new start but if you be in a
new relationship most likely not catch these people
and there are others as I tell you that they are definitely in relationships every
one and only there will be contact in the topic related to money children
or something they need but nothing more nothing more than doubt the same as saying
that you despite being better well of not wanting anything like it will
plant the doubt this person there are some countries that still have feelings and
it is despite being in a new relationship are going to rethink if at
better to give it a try or not but it will depend on each one will
depend on each one but well this is like the energy of
you pisces of those who have children also in relation to your ex partner
let’s see how your ex partner is going to be see if it really agrees to count at
ex couples of pisces in relation to hospice
look there in the three-spade card He doesn’t talk about what they can be
love triangle or be in relationship new you or somehow
in order to return they would need to make a very drastic change or are you thinking about
do it in search or search but not may or may not dare because there already
they can be in collective with new relationships you
this letter if we are you women of pisces this letter talks about this
man may want to activate energy now and want to look for forgiveness look for them
and try to have some kind of connection or to talk back because there is the
rebirth table but if you are or have already finished that
issue not clearly they won’t be able to do nothing as I said at the beginning if it is
unlike you want to go back most likely these people
are between 2 between 2 between 2 women in if they are men or between 2
man in case they are women and not know what to do don’t know what to choose
so that’s why he told me it was the wait I don’t think that definitely
it’s all over It’s not like waiting for you this week
then your ex-partner is not going to approach if you are in a relationship because already
they know they have someone or if they can’t that are undecided or undecided
and that is why I see that no things wouldn’t happen
practically in this week what already they have children there appears the father of their
children in case they are women I insist again that this person can
come from a difficult emotional moment and now that you want to look for them now and leave
and now he will remember the moments nice those who spent the family the
children but unfortunately there was feel that even some as authoritarianism or
aggressiveness on that person’s part you are pisces and now it’s like that
wants to change everything and now it’s like they feel lonely sad and want to fight
for coming back for that is pisces well going to depend on you already
for others clearly if they feel that you are the harmed and want
come back as likely as that person already in a new relationship and
and they can’t do anything else to be able to be with that ex-partner and have to
take a new direction but I also feel that there are other countries that are in
love triangle that although his former partner be in a new relationship
can also be with you and there goes to depend on each one if you continue on this
not follow me there we should see it custom form if it suits them
be in this if you are going to stay or not with you but I have to rethink
all points for for you to decide the truth is
that the subject if I ask what obstacles there are what obstacles are there to
the pools this week that don’t have children to be able to come back look follow me
appearing women are set obstacles hidden issues takes from
decisions here the third person the love triangle decision making
the secrets everything is turbidity of things clearly prevents you
can decide or have your ex partner decide why don’t you even know what you want or
is in his comfort hours being with two people at the same time you and someone
more if they have no connection with that ex-partner most likely not
is showing energy in general which is what is happening that is how
I say these obstacles these these secrets all these issues there hidden
what does that ex partner have or that you they have and practically making
decisions that will be on the part of them about you then it’s like
very complicated that those who can’t they have children at least come back and I
I think it’s the only thing they can extend certain contact just to be in a
love triangle but the others there are much indecision on your part or
of his ex-partner for being between two people even those who already have children
it’s like it’s time to wake up pisces it’s time to act with
intelligence is time to find a balance in your life I feel for what
that is suffering and stop waiting for that person
ok because they could also be in some kind of love triangle and not
they will be fine for those of some way
have the option or have the pan by the handle most likely yes yes
they return with this person or give him some opportunity
receive more of the same or that is how pisces already spent a thousand times the same
situation then however much they believe that this person come back there isn’t much many
things that should learn to happen you or your ex partner to act with
wisdom wisely and don’t commit the same mistakes we will have crisis if there would be any surprise this week
and that if I couldn’t be more like close to you like what sign could
be like there that could come back or could approach
some surprises already in first instance we will see if there is any change
for those without children if there are some drastic change this week in
relationship to ex partner something that we are waiting
Let’s see for those who have no children what change
could have the letter of the star of the a if there are
some change the only thing that would be disappointment that is if it seems that
ex-partner most likely solutions again if you
they want to search and they want to play it more likely to be disappointed or
find out things that they won’t like therefore as I tell you is a week
waiting is a week of going to depend on what they want in
relationship to that ex-partner but the most it is likely that there is not much progress and
to be pulled more towards the side of the disappointment for what I have said
previously what they already have children I repeat again the
secrets the turbidity being stuck in love triangle all of that is like
I don’t know it’s like even maybe this person can approach and you
agree to have some hidden relationship with that former couple but it will depend on each
one of you this of the hidden topics most likely it can cause
certain problems a stir because of that they are telling us the letters that
Be careful with that and maybe you those who did not have hope
children come back from that of that the they chose you in the case of being
waiting and the truth is that they are going to dissolution ar
well everyone will see how he takes these tips how they resonate if they can’t
check your ascending take it out on google with his date of birth and his work of
birth to clarify a little more in relation to your ex
let’s see what sign it would be for who have no children that could approach
in this week or there would be one more energy strong would be in this case some taurus already
but with this taurus it’s like that they would have the priestess’s letter
always talk about wisdom of intelligence talks about how to act with
a special connection but being inverted tells us that most likely
is that returning with this taurus would not be the best decision
since this person somehow can act in a crazy or ego way of
somehow let’s say not even think about the things you are doing and
approach you and you get this energy a little
complicated then act wisely intelligently get carried away by your
intuition listen to your heart already but there is also a coupe in your mind for not
act in a way that can hurt more carefully with this taurus
those who have no children those who already they have children tells us there could be
have a capricorn eye that I don’t see the figure of the letters if you associated it with
sign is the number of the letter would already be the other a capricorn for those who already
they have children that you can also tell us that if this capricorn in the network of the
fortune now of the passage of time yes this capricorn did not appear long ago
or after a long time you want approach you
and fight for you are going to have to do if you really are alone or have it
careful because this letter the high priest speaks like a wolf with the skin of
sheep also backwards if you they want to conquer a taurus maybe
they also know that their energy is not real or that are there in triangle
loving pee pee and watch the letter the future rule also tells us about high
and low therefore would not be like very appropriate maybe get a lot
illusion with this capricorn in this week from January 13 to 19 and for
finish pisces we go with a Fairy advice for those who don’t
they have children tell us summer in summer home everything you ask
Pisces we will see that it can be related to
expareja to love depending on the season of the year that you
find more than one will help this advice in summer home everything
what you ask maybe to be in a new process maybe they decided
already leave that person and get to the moral of your life will depend on what
that each one is already working they have assertiveness children defend your
beliefs and says only if really you want it too this is this letter
will help more than one and how advice defend your beliefs and vice versa
you just want it so that nobody force to make decisions
pisces i don’t know i hope on tuesday in the direct ones where they can make a
free question if the I invite you to join as members of the channel
very grateful a big hug that is a beautiful week pisces

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