SAGITARIO ♐ Amor Trabajo Dinero 💸☎💖 2 Quincena Enero 2020

SAGITARIO ♐ Amor Trabajo Dinero 💸☎💖 2 Quincena Enero 2020

how are my dear sagittarius
welcome to read in love and I work for the second half of the month
from January let’s see love work and money but
a different reading a reading where we are going to check that they should enhance that
they must eliminate from their good life in the if possible or somehow as
we talk about energy is a tip that they will serve a lot dear sagittarius
we will also draw decrees in love and work to make it a second
wonderful fortnight for you as always thanking you for your great support in the
channel dear sagittarius a big hug can you locate me as mauricio cortez
tarot on the social networks that I leave in the video description the days
Tuesday we are with the direct ones where can you ask a free question if
is that they are chosen that we go then sagittarius with his
special reading love work and money for this second half of the month of
January 2020 to see the letter that will represent us
dear friends of sagittarius in love for the second fortnight let’s see how
the justice letter is affected good sagittarius letter because because this
letter somehow to appear right tells us who they are going to
have justice for you on issues related to love if you are from
somehow they were suffering for some person if you felt that the
life was being unfair in relation love is done justice maybe
a new person arrives his life can also that
that through those who have some couple together is also found
it does justice together on some special subject can
also also be legal issues that they also gain in relation to issues of
couple or together life in general it gives them the opportunity that this
second fortnight feel that it is finally fate is finally done
justice concerning a subject also the justice letter will represent
many mental structures already many of you feel that you are doing
changes or are realizing that at better they were very rigid there is a
very generally obsessed thinking maybe they open now to change or
leave some painful situation forget now someone from the past start as to
look for alternatives that allow them to the best feeling is no longer necessary
be stuck that there may be more options that may have more partners
maybe maybe if they are in a relationship very closed on some subject or not no
they listened to the person who is with you thought you were always right
They start as I say to to transform what has to do with
this rigid mental begin to yield more start to give more positive what is the
equal love is still for me a letter that when it’s on emotional issues
it is a bit cold it can also be that some decide maybe or were
or they came very cold very fearful of some way not believing much in love but
This letter tells us that they begin to see that there really is someone for
there they like that I know it’s not so bad love or they had closed all
the doors start to open you themselves for feeling that
that deserves we don’t deserve a new opportunity and change of cycle
– planetary alignments eclipse of change of decade many positive things
new year then have the opportunity it is best to start in a way
different is a very good letter the letter of justice a little as I say
cold on the defensive I feel but can go transforming the most important thing ok
let’s see what they should boost in this second half of the month
January and what you should promote for that everything goes well in you is look
notice that the madman’s letter speaks of play it, let’s say why I dream of
not to not stagnate to lose the insecurity in some way of
play it more for yourself sagittarius that’s what they are
asking those who have been doing it they have to keep boosting this of
live more day to day as I tell you about not being so structured not to believe that
there is a pure person for whom they can be happy all that they are
doing some sagittarius already saying not enough I want to be happy I play it
I like someone the game must follow me empowering it because it is the only way
to move forward they cannot continue with the insecurity and the madman’s letter yes
He also tells me about being a little more mature try not to be so naive
so children so impulsive then yes security is working
or is immaturity to go one more way know more secure learning from the past
they should also boost it but specifically friends is to play it
specifically go for that I dream not be afraid to give it all to that already
I associate more what they should eliminate or try to eliminate in this second
fortnight the sagittarius as for love issues has to do the letter of
car talks about loving each other and if you any
somehow they come insecure are stalled by this mental rigidity by
this stagnation because then we already He says the card of the car is played
it tells me that they should eliminate well eliminate not advancing eliminate being
stalled is somehow eliminate moving forward in life or coming forward
with people that are not following either with people who
somehow they are that don’t let them for their dreams they must eliminate all that
kind of people situations and even couple or former partner that does not allow them
move forward you can’t stay stuck for the others to see and for how I said
the crazy must go one way they must move forward must somehow feel
that its north and see it there on the horizon if I already
I go if you don’t accompany me you don’t accompany me if you delay me
I can’t stay by your side I can’t endure that changed already then they must
eliminate this feeling as of stagnation
there are some also sagittarians that eye that sometimes maybe they can
want things very fast or believe that as I tell you that some
person in particular where they are going to allow to be happy if that person does not
is sagittarius can no longer continue waiting if these people don’t
accompany can not continue with that person don’t understand if that ex partner
bear is a current couple and there are others that they want like everything very fast that everything
be as since then they become insecure or somehow things don’t
they go well then all that they owe eliminate will depend on which cycle you are
each one goes more advanced more evolved others for a little more
late depends on age depends on life cycles depends on many
things this is a general reading therefore
whatever you serve them take it and they apply it as advice there are people who to
sometimes it puts everything exactly as I is happening but clearly there are some
No, they don’t identify at all it’s because it’s a general reading and never
it’s going to be for everyone already so I ask you be clear about that
everything else is seen in a reading customized to clarify any
doubt and more thoroughly then eliminate the people situations that stall
sagittarius ok the advice of the universe to you in
this second fortnight so that everything is wonderful in love whether or not you have
couple the letter of the moon and the letter the moon is also associated with crazy at
advance to the regime such the moon card speak to me represents turbulence of
emotions already talks about dropping all your fears all fears the secrets what
that has to do with love triangle what they have in store here that at
you better not want to tell the couple or maybe they are not in love or have
hidden topics of yourself or be in love with 267 in things for two
people must move forward and to be able advance must eliminate that must release
they must forgive people from the past who hurt them they must somehow how to take out the anger the pain I know that
it’s hard but not if they don’t go to drown in your own emotion and things
negative notice that this image is like a kind of axes monster
it’s like sinking and it’s like he’s fighting us for
get ahead so I tell you your fears your fears all the negative to
end there is a way and there are two that can be two puppies or a wolf a
dog as they want to see that they are there like saying I’m going or I’m not going but
are all these turbulence of emotions can’t decide then if
they don’t let go they can’t move on then the universe recommends that
they must do it so they can have a second fortnight in wonderful love
have a partner have no partner and so on well you will see how these apply
tips to their sagittarius lives in this second fortnight and we go with a
he decreed in love to continue with him work and money issue
the sagittarius his decree for this second fortnight is on love issues of
once in a while I ask those who I want how I can love them more
this is also like a decree for worry a little about the environment there are
sometimes that will love us in love because we are not delivering love and not
only a couple but ourselves or parents to
children to the people around us when one delivers love the universe sends you
love understands me when one is generous in the universe he sends you money then
out there some sagittarius the best not they are worrying a lot about the environment and
are carmen suffering this love for that the relations keep in mind
Lasting hard loving lights on me lifetime
to feel that you have a long relationship that is beautiful that is beautiful and that illuminates
your life to have or not have a partner this very nice secret to attract
this climb we are going to go now with what which is the work and money of the
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members where they can have some there
royalties but access to some content a little
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we leave then with work and money for the sagittarians in this second
fortnight of January 2020 the letter that will represent us in
as for work and money in this second fortnight in sagittarius is the
letter from the tower and the letter the tower no panic when the letter from the
tower because the tower card often represents or always
represents a restructuring sometimes from scratch sometimes it’s a
restructuring necessary to be able to take a leap sometimes one thinks that
when we are in a job and those they say goodbye everything comes to the ground and
they are afraid what they are going to do and it turns out then read a job a lot
better much better paid or will they dedicate to doing something they really love
therefore the tower letter we they say strong movements come me
I invite you to review the I will leave as final screen the sagittarius video for the whole month
week by week for January there too talk about work money couple
etc out there you can also get certain
things with the truth that I don’t remember that came out but maybe you can
boost this i’m seeing now there is strong restructuring there are changes
let’s see if those changes of any way to clarify a little look at the
fortune wheel letter already tells us that for many, luck will come ok
luck will come and you shouldn’t fear these changes or this restructuring
it’s what work is if they don’t have work clearly comes a movement
unexpected and good luck to you if already they have work and can fire him from
somewhere most likely that dismissal be because they deserve better
and the letter comes a better chance of fortune savings also for me
for me it represents the passage of time represent them and low if you came
with boring highs and lows without them having to work is because
the universe will take them for another way and they don’t have to be afraid of
this restructuring ok you don’t have to be afraid let’s see if he didn’t clarify a
little more with the letter you should boost work and money in this
second half of January the sagittarius the letter of the inverted priestess we
talk somehow of having the priestess is intuitive wise
smart represents the studies represents in some way the signature of
documents the exams but the priestess tells us they should empower the
way they are acting in regards to work with bone intelligence if
I know that I am doing a job that is not paid as I want or that
I’m going to have a certain problem for such a thing I must act intelligently with
wisdom i should look for some alternative that makes me attract more abundance
better opportunities not to stay for that this letter from the tower tells us about
restructuring because they must do a change can’t stagnate sagittarius and
when this card is reversed and also represent firm
documents may come out things like you expect or that already
they come wrong before therefore you have to act wisely and must
look for a plan b must have a alternative and use your intelligence your
wisdom sometimes like maybe they are running sagittarius then they must
empowering the best is also the prepare for studies
cultivate your mind et cetera must boost that to look for new
horizons do not stagnate ok what should eliminate so that everything goes well in
this second fortnight work and money
sagittarius they should eliminate look at the Emperor’s letter also reversed
that tells us about authoritarianism we talk about aggressiveness can also
can you tell us about some person they may be flirting with
gf or someone who like how not pleasant for you because the
inverted emperor is not a person protective but is a person
aggressive authoritarian and maybe says in this restructuring
must be and must eliminate or move away from this kind of people from this job
because with his wisdom his preparation they can reach a higher level or
move on then if you’re not are not happy are not happy are not
good sagittarius should eliminate people situations people who have them there
stagnant to the boss who can’t stand I know that sometimes says but how to live if I
I don’t have another job don’t be afraid cultivate be smart if not
they want to leave immediately get ready to be able to change it can also be
some issue that you act with a lot of authoritarianism if they have employees
if they have coworkers can be also that they are not be
worrying a lot about some subject related to parents or their
children and may this be bringing you problems somehow also in the
work maybe they have to empower concern for them then more
Someone is going to reach them and it will be as if they know that the truth is not me
I worry about even my parents I have voted for my children
working hard and I see that for more than work does not reach me more abundance of course
because you have to find a balance in your life already then eliminate what
has to do with boss person authoritative negative relationship with
some parent or not to worry about your children might also have to
eliminate fear or become more empowered in life as to what the
work money should fight too for his dream because sometimes maybe
let opportunities pass or the salary to the partner and you shut up
and they do all their but you all their work then there too can
going as I tell you will depend on how each one is already in the universe
as for work and money to be super good is the second fortnight of
January 2020 recommends you take decisions of course the letter of the
in love that tells us should take decisions i don’t know
can stagnate must restructure they must prepare to change to another
place or cultivate your mind act with the sec and your intuition don’t be authoritarian and
make decisions must make decisions if they are not well if they do not have work
they must make decisions to change seek to study something that allows them
move that are you energy especially in this new cycle that is very important
also the issues related between love and work may be there are things that don’t
are preventing you from worrying or focus on work some relationship
toxic something like that already so be careful with that let’s
let’s see what decree comes out on issues of work and money for the sagittarius
to make it a second fortnight positive
and tells us his decree Think big and let me accept
the greatest assets of life of course to think big that’s why they say to
intelligence torso because the priestess talk about intelligence also about your
mind attract the positive cultivate that mind think big and so they will
allow to accept the greatest assets of life for you sagittarius I am a
magnet for money all kinds of prosperity is granted to me can
also see the secret of reading the book watch the documentary I recommend it
ok those who don’t what they haven’t seen it’s called the secret of the mind
universal or the secret in Spanish what they look on youtube ok
and that is the decree for you dear sagittarius beautiful letter I hope
they like reading general reading what to resonate apply it if they can’t
see your ascending on tuesday we are with the live on thursday
with weekend reading and those Sunday days with the ex-partner reading
a big sagittarius hug that is a spectacular second half of January
for you

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  1. Gracias desde argentina mar del plata soy sagitario lucy. Besitos bendiciones mi ex marido es acuario tristeza hoy se cumpliría 28 ańos pero nos separamos hace tres ańos y realmente yooooo le descubrí el 25/12/2018 q se escribió con una mujer y él vivía en mi casa a pesar q estábamos separados yo n lo sentía así por siempre lo amé Y ahora siento morir el 14/01/1992 nos arreglamos y hoy 14/01/2020 es mi aniversario xq él ya n lo siente va. Parece q jamas lo sintió Dios mío q tristeza y dolor siento y n puedo superar ni creer est q estoy viviendo Gracias 💋💋💋💋💋😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔

  2. Mi ex es acuariano,mentiroso y mujeriego
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    Muy bna la tirada miles de bendiciones
    Para vos.

  3. Gracias… Luchas para que no pierda mi luz, porque tú sabes que mis pies no son de barro, que pueden mantener el equilibrio.

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