TAURO ♉ Te Enteras De Algo Inesperado 😱 TAROT EX PAREJAS

TAURO ♉ Te Enteras De Algo Inesperado 😱 TAROT EX PAREJAS

how are my dear taurus
Welcome for your ex-partner reading which goes from January 13 to 19 since 2020
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the description of this video and we are leaving with your ex-partner reading how are you
you affected taurus in this week from January 13 to 19 of this 2011 wow taurus in a way it’s like what so far it’s like many decide
take a new path but in a way drastic taurus
it’s like for example those who don’t they have children with that person
if you don’t know that person a long time ago time of your ex-partner is like that already
he says they know I don’t want anymore I’m coming I go ahead if a new way
I prepare or begin to feel some feeling for someone new is like
who feel that justice is done in their lifetime
referring to love is already as perhaps in many of you are going to want to let go
that person and start a new path a new process regarding love and they will
let this person do what want and some may also
still look or meet that person or have some contact despite
of not having children and have some like discussion where they decide the same
that no there is no case that of some way they don’t want to continue in that in that
energy and decide to move forward decide of somehow move on there are others
from the taurus group that were fine with a new relationship and some
person from the past in this case ex partner
and for those who still had a feeling for this person clearly
that causes some imbalance now because you came in a process
different and have news of this person and this ex-partner can make
you fight with the current couple then there is a lot of movement in fact
if this certain former partner had any relationship may already
but that relationship is over and go for you
and now want to return or now that it was until knowing then it’s complicated
Taurus for you this week because the last letter of the high priest the most
you probably tell me I was energy with which this person comes not
it’s good for you it would be good in the if this person has made a
change but very big or very drastic in your life and you don’t want to give it
an opportunity and there is no third person involved but if that person
he misbehaved with you most likely is to come with an energy and throw
lose everything you came moving forward or how little they had advanced
without that ex partner then they will have to be very careful taurus to choose
this week these are general readings it depends on you this tells you that
it can happen that is what solves it it won’t happen to everyone but those who
something like this happens to them to have to decide the future very carefully
it’s in your hands just jumped the Orient you decide
ok that’s why when they say some terrorists this week or this year is going to
return your ex partner will be happy that’s very relative that’s very dependent
if you have a new relationship yes you don’t want to come back if you do
change your life is changed it depends on many things therefore nothing can be
ensure can only be oriented in this case for the week and you will decide
I am giving you the different points of equal care of someone from
past and you took a path ago different time especially if they
they hurt taurus now in case it hasn’t been
but guilty well they should see how are they in terms of energies if
are in the same process or dialogue try to see if there is still a
important feeling and take little by little decisions but there is and there are
a lot of taurus movement this week I feel as an ex-partner that is
like what can happen to you how are you going to be affected the
who have children there is also enough movement because there is already a third person
involved can be from that ex partner that a new family already has a new family
relationship or you have a new relationship and I also get the high
priest who tells us that many of that ex-partner even comes to hurt
he doesn’t come to see the children he communicates or the only thing it asks to do
hurt or come to make them suffer and it goes so you try to avoid
any contact that has to do even if you have children of you with that
person if it hurts them because the only thing what does it do is let them martauro come with
an energy that is not positive even comes as
like to say it’s ok or like ah I don’t know how to prove he is doing well
in life and if you are still in love with that person avoid that and
look for a new relationship don’t wait more in case you are what
have ended that relationship and have children with that person
this person can even come with bad intentions to your home
I don’t see anywhere that this person come with good intentions more if
you ended the relationship because obviously they didn’t want to continue with this
person comes or can cause true riot certain things a little
complicated that unbalances them in their life or say things to children or of
somehow want to invent some situation that you make them finish
with your current partner then it’s taurus in relation to his former partner this week
I see that there can be a lot of movement but not good is one more movement
turbines with more energy movement either I don’t know about zeal for
of wanting to do justice of wanting to be with you for some
and others like that not even that is like that they do things because I don’t know why
yes because they don’t want to see it well or not
they want you to be with someone or not start a new path even though
they are no longer with you then I see you complicated taurus in you is the
decision to put up with these people in your life or to definitely throw it away
let’s clarify a bit because that’s your energy
let’s see if in relation to your ex partner be you who might want or want
energy your ex partner has in relation to your
Taurus look in relation to you very much
of his ex-partner had not taken decisions or much now will give them
for fighting for you or wanting be with you notice that some
they even tell me they were not gone away or that didn’t appear long ago
time or that you might not have news of that person
so like now you want to come to fight now want somehow
and show your love that person or now wants there to be a positive change but
it’s going to depend on what you guys they want
most likely there may be a contact or that somehow can
have a drastic change in relation to your ex-partner but it will depend on what
situation you are if you are alone alone if they want or at the hands they no longer love
that person is like he now gave them for protecting them now he gave them then
notice it’s even like they want have a contact with you that now
yes, many of you will value them the best they don’t want anything anymore and they decide
break free but there are others that the best they will want to give it a chance and they will
to have to be very careful because if the letters were not valued once
they tell me that most likely and more good for you is to free yourself
of this kind of people now if you were somehow
the guilty or believe they are in a new process that things can be
give the first thing they should do is release all fears fears what
that caused the energy separation negative I don’t know everything I could
have caused them not to be well but first they have to dialogue to
some I still insist there is a lot possibility that your ex partner has
thought to look for it again because now he values ​​them
then I still exist even those who they have children is more complicated because already
the devil appears to me here and I feel that yes you are in a new relationship what
most likely this person even have negative intentions with you
to be separated from a couple current or now even causes the
conflict or with children or with or with the environment and want to be at all costs
like you now if you are the they want to come back and their ex partner don’t
want or not fish or have another most likely relationship is that even
this person has bad intentions the same despite not being with you
so it’s super complicated because it even puts like children or
the children in between to be able to drive some situations then there are the
who have children are going to have to have very careful with that ex-partner
you can also be telling us that you can’t let go you can’t
can somehow and living without that person feels bad
but I think it’s time to return to the
Taurus page that have children and that they want that person back because what
only that I see at least in this week is that it will cause them more pain
it will cause them more sadness and even may have conflicts with the family
as I say use one to the children so it’s super complicated to see
we will continue to clarify and we will ask
what obstacles are there for those who don’t they have children what obstacles are there for
they can come back although they are children in common some people ask me children in common
already the obstacles that could be for
those who do not have children clearly that this person is still confused
still believe that you can handle you taurus or you have
power over you for some even is a super cold calculator person already
and for another it’s like you already they don’t feel anything for this person or the
love they had is like it already happened to a background and be in a new
relationship especially women of Taurus that is like they can’t stand something or
they don’t come with stupidities and they want to be in something new
and clearly despite the best to have certain feeling your intelligence the
does opt for a new path despite of sometimes suffer then those
obstacles there is the confusion of part of them or them already cold
that there is now for everything that happened and third parties even for
some might be that that former couple have children or you already have children
with another person and that is also one is an obstacle then that’s why I tell you
that can receive communication can want to come back but you are the ones
they will be able to decide whether or not those who they already have children look at the letter of
justice clearly tells me that even some have legal problems
judicial already there is a new couple to even though that person has illusion
for you you are already in another process already and what
the only thing that this ex-partner can cause is fight and discussions
now if you are alone or alone and they hope to return as much
this person is likely to want be with you but already have a
couple there is another couple then it they would put in a love triangle and what
all they would do is get excited but in that energy is not worth doing
sure they already have children is complicated if you already walked away once or
they separated for something it was then think about it very well
Taurus who have children because it’s like that they are the ones that more like
would do is how are the ones that are going to have like this week difficulties in
the case that they want to return or that there may be an opportunity
we are going to to draw now a letter that is going to
tell we are not going to get out of this anymore it will
say for you taurus those who don’t they have children whose signs or pigs do not
what signs but what could happen in relation to your ex-partner if there are going to be
some surprise this week something that you didn’t imagine something they gave me
turn something that is out of your plans because it already appears that for many it could
be present that ex-partner especially those without children
those who are younger already have a and the devil’s letter just speaks
that there may be surprises because that ex-partner may be freeing from
someone from some relationship or from some form released fears about all
fears he realized and now he wants play it for you already somehow
it’s like what allowed them in some moment separated it now no longer exists and
there could be some possibility of come back but for others it’s like
you even though it appears in this person don’t want to come back because they know
which is a toxic negative energy and they go to prefer to change or focus on your
new relationship or in staying alone but not come back with this person then they could
have important news especially tell them that that separated that
he came back that now he wants to talk to you and so on for those who already have
sons let’s see what energies and if there is any surprise for you in
this week the madman’s letter the letter of the logo clearly tells me that this
person could be an immature person I was just telling him that even
some cause them eye fights that this person may also feel that
you have acted immaturely and prudent
crazy though her ex partner crazy to the crazy about a way of saying
as I say imprudently impulsive by silva then clearly if there are
changes or are there things that can happen they won’t be very nice because I already
it seemed that there could be discussions me the devil appeared then the energy
for the Taurus who have children in relationship to your ex partner is more
complicated is like it’s like more there children appear already
it appears that some may have illusion coming back but that person still doesn’t
find a balance yet we they release and still don’t tell them the truth
in case you want to go back they will there are many discussions a lot of fighting and
many disagreements it’s like it’s not the time in the case
that you could give him a opportunity is not the moment that
many things would have to happen now and in the case that you want to return
with that person the only thing you would get it would be uncertainty and illusion and then
the best would find out that this person still communicates with someone else or
that is lying to you so the taurus who have children please have eyes
and we will see that yes no what sign would it be like this week
for those without children it could be as the most that could approach
you could either come or give some surprise
et cetera would be a pisces already but this Pisces is like that for Taurus that doesn’t
they have children it’s like you can’t do nothing as long as you don’t give them a
opportunity despite maybe now wanting this bike is like
would come playing dumb or dumb in case you might want
come back with this person is not yet suitable for making decisions especially
if it comes out of any relationship then you have to be patient
in the case as I tell you want to go back and know that it separated
is still in a process therefore it doesn’t happen in the situation I know that more
this will help somebody they have children
here the lack of decision because the letter of lovers talks about the lack of
decision and it would be a virgo already alive this virtual is undecided as not
never made decisions and you bored ok or also this video is
like that you also give them say you are the best looking
they made the decision to play it and they would have to start clarifying or seeing
what can happen in the event that for those who have children could have
some chance because I see it well far I see it very far because a lot
person involved because there are in maturity because you should see
if that relationship helps them or not currently I know that general the
reading dear Taurus but it will serve many of them
will serve and you can click before some situation if they can’t check your
ascending and maybe you can reading more beneficial
before they leave we will take a Fairy advice whatever comes out
this is general what the room tells us for the Taurus in terms of expareja del
13 to 19 and some exercise when you body gets stronger you start to feel
stronger in every way This is also as for
radiate or project in a beautiful energy an energy that are well
physically that they feel it feels positive can’t help you get stronger
and thus feel better taurus yes especially if they are with
depression is so complicated let’s get one more for the taurus in this
week says ask what you want Taurus make the universe in others
know what you need everyone will see what what do you need in relation to love or that
ex partner maybe some taurus also
they left because their ex-partner was no I know from the physicist here he already tells us about
a person who doesn’t really value what that what is important already but but
it would also be good if you they felt pretty pretty they felt
beautiful beauties that could shine again to attract love and why
not maybe that ex-partner that some they still want many people say
but how will they return with their ex partner well it depends it depends on each
one gets in so we can’t judge myself just trying to guide ok
thank you very much for reading and make it a wonderful Taurus week

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