VIRGO ♍ Reestructuración Fuerte 💥⚡🦋 TAROT EX PAREJAS

VIRGO ♍ Reestructuración Fuerte 💥⚡🦋 TAROT EX PAREJAS

how are you dear virgo welcome
for your ex-partner reading that goes from January 13 to 19 week from 13 to 19
January of this 2020 with the language a a little serious so thank you very much for
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also in the description of this video we begin how are the energies of
your virgo aspected in relation to the former
couple for this week virgo and we start with super cards
strong super strong virgo and remember that
we also review what are the ones that those who have no children have children
we tried to separate them so that be a little more detailed since this
it’s a general reading so what you resonate take it
look virgo those who have no children in common comes in super strong movements
super loud the tower letter speaks that even unexpected things in
relationship to that former couple that of some way are you going to make you take
also the different take as of somehow have to make changes
in his life even in relation to love especially if they are in a relationship
new because this letter from the tower more the devil’s letter tells me that some
to want to forget your ex partner and they are going to take a new path but there are
others who are going to have contact with ex couple even in sexual matters there are
virgo that somehow if they have contact with former partner
they will be counted exclusively for sexual issues or because he misses in that
because somehow they are going to leave carry on impulses and maybe this
cause a series of events that they will be complicated already so you have
to be careful this energy of some way also for others is like of
feel that you need protection they need in some way
break free and start as from scratch in a totally different way but it is
a group that already decides to move forward and that decides not to want more because I don’t know
they feel protected with this person but there are others as I say they will give
unleash all the passion and leave to relate to former partners those who
have contact or even if it appears some former couple what they already have children
out there I feel they are going to be more calm or what are already a little older
Virgo will be a little more calm and a little more thoughtful
as reflecting on that ex-partner and in what may have already been
but still on his way especially if have a new relationship is like that
go your way maybe with some grief with certain as a feeling that
it could have worked and why it wasn’t because I don’t change this person because I don’t
I played it more but still on its way without major problem it’s like some
Virgo like this person I leave as quite hurt then
it has cost them but they keep moving forward but here those who are younger and those
they don’t have children in common and they don’t they see that person a lot or not
they have news, things can come extremely strong we will continue
clarifying the reading so that let’s have more idea to see how they are
your ex-partners in relation to you virgo in this week to see what energy
they could have their ex-partners as soon as to you of course I live and the reason why is this
shake or by this one for this complication let’s say or for
these changes that could have is is because many of those are yours
Virgo will see that maybe you have new opportunities or that may
start new relationship or that they started a new relationship and they are going to see each other
that they are losing them and this they won’t know through
social networks or through a friend and this will generate doubts and they will
feel that the best should be played for the last time for you and that is why
that may appear and will promise maybe how many things to do
that you don’t get involved with someone else
there are already others that somehow that is not with you virgo is
costing decisions is like they can also measure relationships that
are finishing by this letter of 2 of drinks and that this drives you to be
remember you and want look for them and that’s why it’s also like
he tells us that the floor moves him you find out that maybe not anymore
they are with that person what it was an obstacle between you and them
then there are things that will happen this sacrifice they want to make is because to
the best realize that they are definitely losing or they give
realize that this person with whom they finished is not the one they should be and
there will be enough virgo movement I I feel like a lot of movement just
we need to make decisions for that ex-partner in relation to you or that you
make decisions and give it a try or not
there is a lot of confusion in your ex in this moment in this week to bilbo what
how forgiven they have children the most it is likely that
and this person is like I don’t know how what he already has no children are older
like your ex is like more linked to materialism or maybe look for it by
a topic of interest you have to be careful there because yes to
you are doing well and you don’t have couple and their ex comes up with them or
be with you because they have a relationship for the children and so on most likely
it is for a topic of interest that look for them not for love and if you are
interested your ex partner most likely, you too
either for an interest in the children or for the family but not for a subject
of love I feel that for the living who have children and who are older
it’s like they know that relationship is not going not to give for more or than any
way can no longer be and would be like of interest either from your ex or from
you being together nothing more no no for a theme of love at least in this
week at least this week we go to see the obstacles know what
there are obstacles for the living that don’t they have children in relation to their former partner
that could be hindering power come back again third person that
you have a relationship or that they are in a relationship even with more than
some woman in the event that you be virgo women that your ex be with
more than one woman clearly you don’t they are dumb or dumb then they are not going to
listen to them or you may be in a new relationship and they will have to
choose and if you are going to stay with the person who has more feelings
strong but they will have to fight against those internal demons because no
it will be easy for them then obstacles there are third person fighting his feeling with tries to
themselves to be able and make the roads open in this
week and those who have children I repeat money issues you fight
of power within the relationships that had before and that would follow
repeating have a new partner ok and it’s also
like your ex’s no concern for your children is already like maybe
their ex partner only gives them money and nothing more and that’s not the idea then
that’s why less you would come back with that person or it might not even be
worry about anything have never appeared and they come to appear now then
you are not willing I feel that those who have children and are older
oteo are more evolved more mature are not willing to give in
absolute in this week at least and the others are going to leave I think that
they will let you woo in the case that you have there the power to choose and
those who are waiting for that former couple very careful because most likely
have more than one person then those would be clear obstacles of not
they will take you nowhere let’s ask if there is any surprise
in this week in relation to you Virgo with former partner for those who do not
they have children there will be some surprise or something unexpected that could happen in
this week 19 and look and again the letter of the
tower but this time he talks to us of the new beginning that is or its ex-partner
comes from a new beginning or wants a new start with you or you are
in a new beginning of couple and this is going to relocate that person or are they going to give
account that wants to resume the relationship then after all that has
passed between you and your ex partner virgo most likely of some
of the parties there is a new beginning and it will have strong movement these new
beginnings will obviously depend on you in what processes are this is
a general reading and those who already have children the letter of the sun and a half and also
represents the children so there is a lot impediment or somehow could
have true certain as energy or of unexpected things that have to do with them
I repeat with the children with your vision of children with demands with
money you want to take your child with for somewhere this kind of thing goes
to make the best between you and your ex couple there is something important but I don’t
I see that there is a topic related to love between you and your former partner in fact
look the devil appears then the most it is likely that if some ex
couple for those who have children be with intentions of interest or with intention
It is a little toxic or negative let’s get this out because we’re going to see
what signs would be the one that could bring you alive this week and
that could cause some some strong movement for those who don’t
they have children the sign that could approaching you would be eye cancer you
I repeat I do not see the figure to associate the sign is by the number of the letter
for those who ask me sometimes it’s the cancer sign that could this week
approach for those without children and want something but it’s like coming
as a kind of who believes that still It has power before you and it’s like
you are the no I am already in another process I am not the same person I
I want protection I want love I don’t I want you to come to impose anything
then this sign would be maybe the that could approach in the event that
it was the other way around maybe this person if you are willing or willing in this
occasion to give what at some point again could not or did not give them
but it will depend as I tell you about each In each one
k sign could be given some surprise also for others it might be
find out that you will be a father or mother or that somehow something related
with that and those who have children the sign that could appear gemini and the same
that for the others of virgo that no they have because this letter talks about the
motherhood then most likely that you also have true
movement or that you tell that former couple who are going to be a mother or
again or from another person or that you find out that that person has
children on the other hand and never knew or that somehow now be gemini
also want to protect them or feel that you were special or to feel that
protection that you gave them at some point but I think it’s already
late for that for water for many of virgo and the only thing they could do or
have in movements as drastic with this sign of gemini would be the subject
related to children or the fatherhood or motherhood I think so
that you will see but I don’t think they were afraid related to love either for
who already have children and notice the force card
inverted it is like already many of you don’t want to keep fighting with
that relationship with that good ex partner and to end bilbo
a tip from fairies for those who don’t they have children that tells us project
business trusts and undertakes a new business idea are an opportunity
labor these are perhaps telling us that at
you better have to focus on your projects and stop thinking about
that former couple that maybe they don’t brings good or focus on a person
new because that business project already trust and then start as
you the best are in a process super positive life and come back that
former couple will take them out of all projects then no
be very careful not to fall into this energy of
of toxicity or of or doubts to take them out of their projects to more than
some will serve that advice and who already have children stay away from
totally according to what I come saying throughout the reading
leave that unhealthy situation and enjoy the new doors that
open in virgo ok wonderful connection I hope you serve them
reading on tuesday we are with the direct ones where they can make a
ask for generals in the afternoon schedule the cinema type 7 8 at night
Now I chili already so that they are attentive to the community I will be informing the
Thursday we upload the videos of the end there are specials out there too
I invite you again to be members of the channel and obviously thank and wish you
make it a wonderful week bilbo

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